TEDDY at the EFGCP & DIA Better Medicine for Children Conference 2018

TEDDY at the EFGCP & DIA Better Medicine for Children Conference 2018

On 25 and 26 October 2018, the Joint EFGCP & DIA Conference took place in Brussels and as per tradition was organised by the Children Medicines Working Party of EFGCP (European Forum for Good Clinical Practise)

in collaboration with DIA (Drug Information Association) and Regulators. The event was the occasion to take stock of the progress achieved in the paediatric field after ten years of Paediatric Regulation. This year’s conference was focused on what could be done to optimise children’s access to new medicines, where “Access” can be broadly defined as:

  • Inclusion of paediatric patients into clinical trials
  • Health authority approval of a new medicine and
  • Children’s access to a medicine that has been approved by regulators.

In this occasion, TEDDY has been selected to present the following two posters:

  • Young Persons Advisory Groups and involvement of children in paediatric research: a new approach to give voice to the young patients and favour the paediatric research
  • Ethical issues and barriers for multi-national and multi-cultural paediatric clinical trials: the challenging experience of the DEEP project

The first poster showed the importance of patient’s advocacy and children involvement in the promotion of high-quality clinical research and presented some of the activities carried out by the two YPAGs promoted by TEDDY.

The second poster was presented in collaboration with the DEEP project parners and was focused on the work performed to compare the national provisions and procedures to authorise a paediatric trial and to demonstrate the feasibility of paediatric trials in a complex multinational/ multi-ethnic framework.

DEEP is a project funded by the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme and aimed to integrate the existing information on deferiprone use in paediatric patients and provide a valid support to the use of the drug in this class of age. TEDDY supported the DEEP partners by providing procedures and methodologies for the conduct of the 3 clinical studies. For more information, visit the DEEP website.

Here you can find further information on the event.



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