KIDS Albania: the activities restarted in September 2018

KIDS Albania: the activities restarted in September 2018

On 6th September, the activities of KIDS Albania restarted with a meeting at the Faculty of Technical Medical Sciences of the University of Tirana.

This first meeting provided the occasion to discuss the outcomes of the 2018 iCAN Research and Advocacy Summit held on 9-13 July in Edinburgh, which 6 members of KIDS Albania took part on. They shared their experiences with the other members, explaining the activities performed during the summit and what they learned. This was the first event of the series of meeting foreseen this year to carry on the work plan of the first Albanian Young Persons Advisory Group (YPAG).

A Young Persons Advisory Group, or YPAG, is composed of youths actively participating as partners, advising researchers and their teams on a full range of activities in various research projects and initiatives, providing fresh perspectives on a research study and promoting much valued knowledge and changed attitudes about the involvement of young people.

KIDS Albania is promoted by the Albanian Branch Office of CVBF, in collaboration with the University Hospital Center Mother Teresa and the TEDDY Network (European Network of Excellence for Paediatric Clinical Research). The YPAG is composed by more than 20 young persons with an age range of 11-17 years, both including young patients and healthy youngers.

Further information on KIDS Albania is available here.


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