The Task-force in Europe for Drug Development for the Young (TEDDY) is a Network of Excellence (NoE)  funded in 2005 as a consortium responding to a call published by the European Commission and aimed at “structuring efforts devoted to the development of medicines tailored for children”.

Between 2005-2010, the FP6 TEDDY project (LSHB-CT-2005-005216) played a critical role in the start-up of paediatric activities in Europe, in parallel with the introduction of the new European Paediatric Regulation.

Since 2010 TEDDY has revised its organisation and gathered research centres and groups willing to be engaged in developing clinical research. Today, TEDDY is an independent multidisciplinary, multinational Network composed of partners from 15 countries aimed at facilitating the performance of good quality paediatric studies and research.

TEDDY is a category 1 network member of Enpr-EMA, the European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency.

Latest News

1306, 2018

A new course on imaging and histology of mice models offered by INFRAFRONTIER will take place in Barcelona and Prague

INFRAFONTIER Research Infrastructure will organize a course to deepen the knowledge about the morphological and anatomical aspects of mice models. The course will consist in two modules: the first one devoted to the

606, 2018

15-16th June 2018, 11th Edition of “Positive Psychology and interconnection: real and virtual communities” Days. A new opportunity to present KIDS Bari

The 11th edition of the “Positive Psychology and interconnection: real and virtual communities” Days will take place on 15th and 16th June, 2018 at the University of Bari, and it will be focused