Off-label use in Paediatrics

This WG is aimed to prepare a document on paediatric “good off-label use”. This topic is of particular interest for TEDDY Network dealing with paediatric clinical research, because the off-label medicines use in paediatrics is widespread in Europe and worldwide and often there is no alternative than off-label treatments. Among the main activities performed by this WG members there are:

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The preparation of a comprehensive overview of the existing documents and recommendations on the issue of paediatric off-label medicines use;

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The development of a first draft of the paediatric guide, using a consensus approach (Delphi or similar);


WG reference person:
Rossella Conte

Saskia de Wildt

Titske van der Zanden

Maria Jose Mellado

Antje Nuebert

Talia Sainz Costa

Rosa Conte

Adriana Ceci

Valeria Pignataro

Florian Lagler

Helen Sammons

Evelyne Jacqz-Aigrain

Mark Turner

Marina Kleanthous

Marios Phylactides

Madlen Gazarian