Patients and Families

The TEDDY Network pays particular attention to the theme of empowerment of paediatric patients in the healthcare field. Children’s active participation in the decision-making process is needed not only in the daily clinical practice, but also and especially in all the activities related to the development and use of drugs.

In the last years, the idea that children’s preferences should always be taken into consideration is agreed upon also among parents. For this reason, healthcare professionals have to consider children and families’ active participation as a fundamental step to reach consensus and compliance to treatments.

In 2012, following a large consultation phase, the Paediatric Committee (PDCO) issued a Concept Paper on the involvement of children and young people in its activities, with the children’s best interests as primary consideration.

In this sense, TEDDY Network is deeply involved and up to date. In particular, the following activities have been conducted:

  • Videos (a spoonful of info helps the medicine go down & Clinical Trials in children: an empowered participation) and training material, specifically addressed to children explaining some main concepts on drugs and their use.
  • Development of age-appropriate informative material to duly inform children and families involved in clinical studies (e.g.DEEP project informative material and GAPP information materials).
  • Quality evaluation of informative materials addressed to paediatric patients involved in clinical trials.
  • Advisory group setup in several international paediatric research projects.
  • Analysis of existing Young Person Advisory Groups and improvement of strategies to involve paediatric patients in the healthcare decisions (GRiP project activity).
  • Participation to public consultations and roundtables on this topic.

Considering that the setup of a child-friendly approach implies a collaborative and continuous action involving paediatricians and healthcare professionals, psychologists, families, children, the TEDDY Network’s engagement is constantly updated and renewed.