General Assembly

The General Assembly is the sovereign body of the association and consists of all the associated natural persons and legal representatives or their delegates of the associated legal persons.
It is convened at least once a year by the Secretary of the Association by written notice to be sent by e-mail at least 10 days before the date set for the meeting and containing the agenda of the meeting.
The General Assembly is also convened at the request of at least one tenth of the associates or when the Board of Directors deems it is necessary.
The General Assembly may be ordinary or extraordinary. It is extraordinary when it is summoned for the amendment of the statute and the dissolution of the association. It is ordinary in all other cases.

The General Assembly must:

favicon 57 approve the annual report on the activity of the Association, the annual economic and financial statement and the forecast statement;

favicon 57determine the programmatic guidelines of the association’s activity;

favicon 57approve the internal regulation and the fees to be member of the Association;

favicon 57 deliberate definitively on requests for new memberships and on the exclusion of members;

favicon 57elect the Association’s Bodies;

favicon 57 deliberate on what has been demanded by law or by statute, or by the Board of Director.