How to join the TEDDY Network

MembersIn order to become a member of TEDDY Network, it is necessary that the Consortium Agreement be signed by an authorised representative of the interested research center and group.

Access rights will have effect from the date identified in the accession document; participants will be able to terminate their participation in TEDDY at any time during the lifetime of the Network itself.

Participants will implement their tasks according to the specific work plan established within the individual projects, in the respect of the Consortium Agreement rules on property and access rights.

All the expertise and knowledge gained prior (Background) or during (Foreground) the Network lifetime, needed for the performance of the own work under the TEDDY Network activities shall be granted on a royalty‐free basis, and used only for the purposes for which Access Rights to it have been granted. In case of limitations to the granting of Access Rights to background, the members of the Network should be informed.

If you are willing to join the TEDDY, please contact the Network Coordinator at