General Assembly 2018

General Assembly
A new phase for paediatric clinical research:
a role play for TEDDY?

January 14th, 2018

Hotel Ripa
Via degli Orti di Trastevere, 3
Rome – Italy


TEDDY Working Group: “SOPs for the conduct of paediatric CTs”

M. Felisi

The TEDDY Working Group on Ethical Issues in paediatric research

A. Altavilla

The TEDDY Working Group on Off Label Use in Paediatrics – how to move on

L. Ruggeri

TEDDY Collaborative Group
“Regulatory procedures
for paediatric clinical trials”

C. Manfredi

TEDDY collaborative group and plan of action
Paediatric clinical trial feasibility

D. Bonifazi

The TEDDY Working Group on Health data

F. Bonifazi

Working Group: Active engagement of children and adolescents in the themes of clinical research

M. Lupo

Advanced Therapies in paediatrics

G. Migliaccio

The present, the past and the future of TEDDY

A. Ceci

Teddy statute and legal framework

D. Bonifazi

The PedCRIN project : promoting high quality clinical research in children through strengthened international collaboration

J. Demotes

EPTRI project to underpin medicines development to paediatric clinical studies

M. Turner

Child centred paediatric research: legal and ethical considerations under the new regulatory framework

A. Altavilla

Enpr-EMA Working group on clinical trial preparedness

A. Siapkara

The European landscape of Research Infrastructures for the promotion of health: integration without overlapping

G. Migliaccio

The coordination of rare diseases research in europe: the European Joint programme on rare diseases

D. Julkowska

The role of Enpr-EMA in facilitating paediatric research and the results of the Ethics Working Group activities

P. Lepola

How multispecialty, national and international Networks cooperate for the promotion of clinical research in paediatrics: the Spanish experience

M. Mellado

The GAPP project at the end of the FP7 funding period

F. Kaguelidou


F. Rocchi

Drugs for…. PaediatRic Onset MultIple SclErosism (PROMISE)

L. Margari

Re-purposing of off-patent drugs for children -TEDDY to create a bridge between Europe and Asia

I. Wong

DEEP-2 preliminary results: a best practice in FP7

A. Kattamis

Conect4children Network: the big challenge of EFPIA and European Commission to optimise the delivery of clinical trials in children

C. Giaquinto