TEDDY Network, through its European dimension, is arisen with the aim to promote the development of children tailored medicines, covering thus the existing gap at European and global level, deriving from the insufficient diffusion at the clinical centers of adequate experience and formation to perform paediatric research activities efficiently. TEDDY intends to bring together subjects involved in paediatric drugs development processes, to share ideas about paediatric research, to contribute to the implementation of paediatric initiatives by:

  • raising and analysing children diseases specificities and unmet needs with a multidisciplinary approach
  • promoting initiatives for secondary use of paediatric data to accumulate clinical evidence without additional clinical studies
  • identifying and taking part to initiatives on safe and cost-effective use of health products in children
  • promoting integration of basic and developmental research with clinical research to accelerate the availability of paediatric medicines, devices and innovative therapies on the market
  • addressing ethical, legal, social and regulatory issues of research, from the preclinical phase to clinical evaluations and medicines utilization, access policies and education
  • engaging children and young patients in decisions related to clinical research and healthcare
  • enhancing the awareness of the main stakeholders including authorities and public, on the still unmet needs of paediatric research

TEDDY activities are addressed to national, European and international Authorities, public and private Institutions and Companies devoted to Research and Care, Pharmaceuticals Companies, researchers, professionals and Patients’ Associations.