General Assembly 2019

General Assembly

March 29th, 2019

Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare

Madrid, Spain


TEDDY Scientific activities and tools

M. Felisi

Paediatric applications of ATMP

G. Migliaccio

Off-label use in paediatrics

L. Ruggeri

Young Patients Advocacy Groups activities

KIDS Bari group representatives

Young Patients Advocacy Groups activities

KIDS Albania group representatives

WG Health Data Plan of Action

F. Bonifazi

RESTORE: the wider community engagement in the definition of a European large-scale research initiative on Advanced Therapies

S. Benvenuti

Procedures for the set up and management of paediatric trials in the PedCRIN project

C. Manfredi

DEEP project: focus on paediatric patients’ empowerment

M. Kreka

Young patients’ engagement in the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases – EJPRD

M. Lupo

Authorised Paediatric Clinical Trials in Spain

M. J. Fernández Cortizo

Impact of the Spanish HIV HGM BioBank in the pediatric research

M. Á. Muñoz Fernández

Cell and advanced therapies for children with cancer

A. Pérez Martínez