We are happy to announce that even this year and with an ongoing pandemic, the youths of KIDS Bari have kicked off their activities[ML1] !

On November 27, KIDS BARI went back to work to promote the involvement of young persons and patients in the research and clinical fields to favour the achievement of goals in the paediatric drug development and availability.

KIDS BARI meets every 4-5 weeks and undergoes a training course on medical research. The group is made up of students, patients and non-patients, selected through hospitals and patient associations, schools, associations selected on the basis of their motivation and their interest in improving medical research and children’s health.

The group’s training plan is focused on biomedicine, basic and clinical research, innovation and humanization of healthcare.



This year KIDS BARI has also launched a first test of a serious game!

A serious game is a game with an educational purpose.

It’s a tool where serious and playful aspects are in balance, in order to create an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

The purpose of the “My CTC” video game is to explain to children and young people what a pediatric clinical trial is and why it is important for the development of medicines for children.

“My CTC” was developed with the support of KIDS Bari and Kids Albania young people, through a participatory design, in which the two groups contributed to the graphic choices of characters and interfaces and to the revision of the contents.

During this last meeting, the members of KIDS Bari tested the trial version of the video game to verify its correct functioning and report any bugs or anomalies, technical or linguistic, and ensure an optimal user experience. The game will then be finalized and ready for disclosure.


December 4th, 2020|