TEDDY will participate in RESTORE 1st Advanced Therapies Science Meeting (ATSM)

TEDDY will participate in RESTORE 1st Advanced Therapies Science Meeting (ATSM)

On 25 and 26 November 2019, the First Advanced Therapies Science Meeting (ATSM) will be held in Berlin and will be organised within the framework of the international project RESTORE-Health by Advanced Therapies. The event will provide the occasion to discuss and deepen the current challenges slowing the development of curative treatments and what are the roadblocks for the wider adoption of Advanced Therapies in clinical routine.

TEDDY will be part of the Conference, underlining the importance of the paediatrics in this field and its strong interest in transforming promise of Advanced Therapies into a reality for the benefit also of the paediatric patients. Five abstracts will be presented and one oral presentation will be held on behalf of the TEDDY Network. In particular:

  • Ethics and advanced therapies/emerging technologies: towards a new model of governance. Annagrazia Altavilla, Viviana Giannuzzi, Donato Bonifazi.
  • Big Data and Machine Learning: new horizons in the field of personalized medicine and advanced therapies. Elisabetta Volpe, Adriana Ceci, Giuseppe Digregorio, Carsten W. Lederer, Franco Bartoloni, Fedele Bonifazi.
  • Catching them early: ethics and economy of prenatal and childhood application of ATMPs. Carsten W. Lederer, Petros Patsali, Panayiota Papasavva, Mariagrazia Felisi, Marina Kleanthous.
  • Young people’s involvement in paediatric drug development. Jenny Preston, Mariangela Lupo, Adriana Ceci

Moreover, the following a further abstract has been accepted as oral presentation on the theme:

“Gene therapy getting personal: mutation-specific editing and gene addition strategies”. Carsten W. Lederer, Petros Patsali, Panayiota Papasavva, Coralea Stephanou, Giandomenico Turchiano, Marianna Romito, Soteroulla Christou, Maria Sitarou, Claudio Mussolino, Tatjana I. Cornu, Michael N. Antoniou, Toni Cathomen, and Marina Kleanthous.

More information is available here.


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