favicon 57To implement good practices and tools to develop studies and research on medicinal products in children in compliance with EU legislation and guideliness.

favicon 57To promote, participate in and provide methodological expertise to set up, develop and conduct paediatric national or multinational clinical trials and other paediatric studies.

favicon 57To collaborate with existing paediatric networks and research organisations in the framework of the Enpr-EMA (the European Network of paediatric research at the EMA) and other international initiatives, such as GRiP, the FP7 Project that is aimed at implementing an infrastructure to stimulate and facilitate the development and the safe use of medicines in children.

favicon 57To develop informative tools (tailored to industries, public agencies, researchers, health professionals, ethics committees and patients/parents organisations) in order to increase awareness on the topics of paediatric research.

favicon 57To develop communication and educational tools tailored for children in order to facilitate their participation in all the relevant experimental procedures including assent and consent forms preparation.