Memorandum of Understanding between Cittadinanzattiva APS and TEDDY Network

Memorandum of Understanding between Cittadinanzattiva APS and TEDDY Network

We are very pleased to announce our collaboration with Cittadinanzattiva APS, through its branch, Active Citizenship Network (ACN) 

Cittadinanzattiva APS is an Italian civic organization, founded in 1978, which promotes citizens’ activism for the protection of rights, the care of common goods, and the support for people in conditions of weakness. In 2001, the Active Citizenship Network (ACN), the European Union (EU) & international branch of Cittadinanzattiva APS was then funded.  

ACN works to protect the citizens’ rights, to highlight and promote the citizenship involvement in the European decision making process, and to contribute to the development of an active European citizenship, which are the strength and the uniqueness of ACN. 

ACN and TEDDY Network will work together at the EU level in order to:  

  1. Support each other’s initiatives and projects on the topic of the protection of patients’ rights stated in the European Charter of Patients’ Rights, reduction of health inequalities, promotion of public health as a common good taking into account children peculiarities and contributing to the implementation of fundamental/children rights in biomedical field, such as healthcare and research 
  2. Promote and accelerate the empowerment of citizens, patients and children, as well as their participation in European public policies, activities, and dialogues as a key step towards a more inclusive Europe 
  3. Join forces to cooperate with EU institutions and both private and public relevant stakeholders towards a more resilient healthcare system and high quality and safety medicines for a healthier European Union addressing also unmet need of children 
  4. Identify stakeholders from public and private bodies potentially interested to promote initiatives in line with the experiences carried out over the years by ACN and TEDDY Network. 

With this important collaboration TEDDY Network will continue to promote safe and efficacious medicines for children implementing children rights. 

April 13th, 2022|