TEDDY is involved in the RESTORE project

TEDDY is involved in the RESTORE project

We are happy to announce that the TEDDY Network is involved as supporter in RESTORE, a large-scale Research Initiative with the scope to create a consortium aimed to build a coordinated, financially strong, academia-industry partnership in order to tackle the main interdisciplinary science and technology challenges for advanced and innovative health therapies.

The consortium is led by Berlin Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies (BCRT/Charité), in Germany and is coordinated by Prof. Hans-Dieter Volk. It involves 10 partners from different European countries and Israel and more than 250 stakeholders. The Kick-off Meeting was held in Berlin on May 6-7.

With the main aim to strengthen the attention on paediatric peculiarities, the TEDDY Network offers a strong encouragement to this initiative that put together several public and private research organizations. TEDDY fully recognises the urgent need to develop Advanced Therapies and believes the power of a well-funded and coordinated action to have a profound impact on Europe´s society and economy and, indeed, beyond.

Overall, this initiative intends to make Europe a relevant player in the field of ATMPs and not just a payer of treatments developed in the USA and Asia, develop better treatments for patients with highly unmet medical need, create new business opportunity, bringing innovation in cutting edge fields and shift from chronic treatment to cure of genetic diseases.

For further information, please visit the RESTORE website.

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