EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2018 in Athens, May 24-26

EUFEPS Annual Meeting 2018 in Athens, May 24-26

The European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS) held its annual meeting on 24-26 May 2018 in Athens in collaboration with Conference Co-chair Prof. Panos Macheras supported by University of Athens and with parallel tracks organized by EUFPES Networks. The theme of the event was “Crossing Barriers for Future Medicines” and covered some interesting topics such as the basic research in oral and mucosal drug absorption and transport to innovative medicines and their PK/PD evaluation.

In total, six prominent Plenary Lecturers several invited session/short course speakers and short oral presentations selected among the abstracts, were presented.

The EPTRI (European Paediatric Traslational Research Infrastructure) project, in which the TEDDY Network is participating, presented two posters to show the work done so far in the field. The first poster is focused on the development of the “Paediatric Device survey” aimed to identify all the issues related to formulation and devices used to take the medicine and get advice directly from the interested parties. The second work concerns the identification of potential service providers to be included in the future Research Infrastructure and high-end apparatus (equipment, resources, research facilities, platforms, methodologies and experimental settings) which can offer considerable expertise to a paediatric context.

Overall, the meeting provided the chance to bring together scientists, representatives of the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacology experts and it was the occasion to discuss the future of medicines and the role of pharmaceutical scientists, putting the accent on such key themes of the pharmacological research such as Nanomedicine and Nanotecnologies, biosimilars and Manufacturing of future medicines.

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